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Cashmere cardigans

Hallum cashmere cardigans will be your favorite item to wear. It is versatile in style being soft in color range, yet feminine to the look.

Dress classy wearing a white shirt under a grey cardigan or casual wearing a top or T-shirt under. Goes with jeans as well as nice pants or pencil skirt.

In the summer use your cashmere cardigan to cover shoulders in the cool evenings, as the small jacket that will not crease in your bag, and is nice to have when you go from job to dinner. In the chilly mornings on your bike or at the busstop - the soft warm touch against your skin is both comforting, feminine, and a finishing touch to your look.

In the winter use your cashmere cardigan under the thin jacket during the early winter months. Easy to take off and back on whenever you feel the need. Fits nicely in the bag, super as a shoulder warmer and small jacket in the office. 

Cashmere has natural properties that will keep you warm in the winter and cool you in the summer as it balances out warmth throughout the day. 

Hallum cashmere is made of the underwool from Tibetan cashmere goats - only handpicked from the ground, never cut from the goat itself. Therefore the wool is of the highest quality, the softest to touch and wear close to your body.