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Cashmere sweaters

Hallum cashmere sweaters are classy, sassy, and just essential in your closet. Wear it over your shirt for a classic look with tight jeans or your pencil skirt. For more casual days downtone your look by wearing your cashmere sweater with a T-shirt or top under and jeans.

Hallum cashmere tunic are easy pieces to wear alone with a top under or a tight long-sleeved blouse for contrast to the loose fitted cashmere tunic.

Hallum cashmere turtleneck is for the colder days keeping you warm from top to toe. Under your jacket for a long walk in the forrest or along the shore a turtleneck is essential to stay warm around the neck. 

Hallum cashmere v-neck has a beautiful neckline rib finish. Use it over your shirt in a very feminin way making room for jewelry with tight jeans or pencil skirt. Or simply with a top under for a more casual look. 

In the summer bring it with you for those days that turn into evenings or even nights out. Lightweight and easy to carry in your bag it will make your mood rise when temperature drops.

In the winter use it from the early morning under your jacket. Remember a cashmere scarf to close off around the neck, and you are good to go even when winter gets rough.

Cashmere has natural properties that will keep you warm in the winter and cool you in the summer as it balances out warmth throughout the day. 

Hallum cashmere is made of the underwool from Tibetan cashmere goats - only handpicked from the ground, never cut from the goat itself. Therefore the wool is of the highest quality, the softest to touch and wear close to your body.