STOFEY outdoor fireplace stainless steel

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Stofey outdoor fireplace is made of stainless steel. Due to this Stofey does not need any maintenace and you can leave it outdoor all year.

Stofey is moveable as the handles do not get warm and only weighs 23 kg. Therefore you can use this versatile warm fireplace in multiple places in one evening: move from terrasse to garden, to backyard from front terrasse - your choice! Only remember to place on a tile or stone as bottom gets warm and will stain your wooden deck.

The stainless steel cap will change color the more you use it. It will get anything from coppery colors to blue and purple hues. This is due to the steel getting heated and will not disappear. This way your Stofey will become your personal garden item - different from your neighbor's.

Let Stofey keep you warm on lovely summer nights and on cool autumn days - not to mention creating cosy winter afternoons with friends in the garden.

Please also see the black Stofey version

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